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Send us your drawing or solid model with your requirements and you will receive a free quote.


Please allow a few days for us to quote your parts.  We can quote from any solid model format. 


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How we quote your work:


1. We evaluate your parts and quantities desired using your drawings or preferably a solid model to determine how to make each part.  If the part is to be manually made, when the material arrives we get on it as schedule allows.


2. If the part must be made on an automatic machine we need a solid model.  If you provide drawings, we turn those into solid models, which adds a bit of cost.  Then from the solid model we devise a way to hold the work.


3. The "G" code that will create the part is created on the software using the solid model and our work-holding fixture design. The code is transmitted to the machines from our desktops over the LAN to the machines.  Each machine has it's special code requirement, but most of the code is standardized according to the kind of machine, mill, lathe, etc.


4. The fixtures are made on the appropriate machines.


5. The part is made on the fixture, in one operation or multiple ops, depending on the machine and the design of the part.  An op means that the part must be moved in the fixture or to another fixture/machine.


A one off part is usually made on manual machines due to all the work required to set up and run a cnc machine.  Once the number of parts required gets up around 5 to 10+ then the cnc machines start to look good.  However, if the parts are complicated by curves, cones, tapers, etc. then even if you need only one part, it has to be made on the cnc and the part cost goes up commensurately.


Though my overhead is low, and therefore my cost to you will be reasonable (relative to other shops), if you are building one or two parts they are going to be a lot of money relative to quantity production.


We use solid modeling CAD/CAM software. We can read these file types:


STEP                   preferred

STL                      preferred

SOLIDWORKS    preferred








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How We Quote Your Work

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